New music always in the works!

New music is always in the works, stay tuned, Keep Rocking!

Finishing a new single!

Finished recording vocals for a new rocker, next step is to mix and master!

New single finished!

New single Let's Get It Together finished, it will be available for download soon.

Spirit Of The Music!

When you walk into an Arena, Pavilion or Theater, and you see the stage with all of the equipment, the PA System and all of the power that eminates from that stage, or simply hearing a loud band playing in your neighborhood, your senses and spirit are heightened dramatically, at least iit is for me and it’s like you know something is happening, what a feeling that is and then hearing that band hit the stage with all of the power and volume, it’s a feeling like no other for sure.

Yet creating, making and playing music is all part of that, the creative and artistic process of creating, molding and shaping a riff you came up with on the guitar and finalizing it into a complete song, with or with out vocals is simply amazing, then being able to show youre friends and have people hear it is awesome…

Music is fantastic for the mind and spirit to uplift you and create a surge of power and motivation and making things seem just right at any moment in time, wheather youre crusing down the road with a great song on the radio or cd player everything just seems to be in perspective…

Keep Rocking, Eric